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St Mary's Church

Church Cottage

Ufton Court

The Spire

INTRODUCTION and WELCOME at St Mary’s, Sulhamstead Abbots

The Second Stop – Boar Moor Wood, Wildlife and Conservation

The Final Stop – St Mary’s Church
Our Communities, The World and the Next Generation

Starting at the Parish Room of St Mary’s Church, Sulhamstead Abbots at 3pm, the walk via Home Farm and will wended its way back to the Parish Room stopping from time to time for a prayer or a song. There was refreshment waiting at the end of the procession.
Rogation processions are the Christian adaptations of Roman Spring pagan ones and, in rural districts such as ours, they are regarded as a service to bless the fields and ask for healthy crops and good weather for the season.
The Rogation Days also had a secular meaning at one time in England, where they were called Gang Days or Gange Days—from the Saxon word gangen, meaning "to go" when the custom of walking the parish boundaries was common.
All Photo's above taken by Photographer Martin Gadsden

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Sulhamstead & Ufton Nervet Parochial Church Council supports the Centenary Poppy Campaign 2014—2018